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Programs by Geo Grafix for the Imagination Machine Computer system.

Name Comments Manual
Mission:Improbable Alpha Interesting Spy game. (16K required)
Nice use of Tape audio during title screens
Type [RETURN], GOTO 2540 [RETURN], after Intro.
Alpha Manual

Mission:Improbable Bravo


VAPF.CPF Not Available Yet.

Continuation of previous game. 8K Bravo Manual
Rattler Colour Graphics Game. Rattler Manual
ScreenWriter Program not available.
See K. Phillips for updates!
ScreenWriter_Manual Scan (3.5MB compressed)
Super 21 &
Space Hunt
2 Simple Games on 1 Tape. Super 21
Space Hunt
Super 21 II &
Space_Hunt II
Improved versions of above. Super 21
Space Hunt