About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the technical advances made in the home computer and video game console sector released within North America.

We do this by keeping a detailed archive containing information and specifications of different computers and consoles and the progression they may have gone through to update and advance the system. We keep a record of the different games that each system had as a way to show how the programing advanced and was different from computer to computer or console to console. We keep actual systems so that people may look at the way computers and consoles were actually put together changed over the years. How as circuitry advanced and became more compact, they were able to create smaller and more powerful computers or consoles.

Currently we have no location to display the systems we have gathered but the data and manuals we have collected will be available for anyone on the internet to look at and enjoy through this website.

If someone brings to our attention a North American system that we do not have any information on, every effort will be made to acquire such information so we may make it available through our website, and acquire an actual system if possible.

Any donations of information or systems are welcome.

For more information, donations, or offers of help, please contact:
Lance F. Squire

E-mail: lance@hcvgm.org