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Programs by APF for the Imagination Machine Computer system.

Name Comments Manual
Artist And Easel SemiGraphics paint program.
Includes demo pics.
No Manual Yet
APF_BasicTutor_Tape1 Lessions 1-12 from the APF BASIC Tutor APF BASIC Tutor
APF_BasicTutor_Tape2 Lessions 13-22 from the APF BASIC Tutor APF BASIC Tutor
Billboard Make Animated signage for your store, etc.
Includes Demo Billboard.
Not currently Available
APF In Store Demo Shows off the Graphics modes not mentioned in the BASIC Manual or Tutorial  

Music Composer / Player Piano

Make your own music, or listen to the 4 tunes included. No Manual Yet

Bersonal Business Machine

Business Finance
Not currently Available
Space_Destroyers Excelent conversion of Space Invaders. Later released on enhanced Cart for the MP-1000 Not currently Available

Space Size & Surface

Area / volume calculator Not currently Available
SY-40 Disassembler Dissassembler for the IM-1 Not currently Available
SY-50 IM-1_Diagnostics Do a check-up on your Imagination Machine. Not currently Available