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Loading .wav files on an APF Imagination Machine

The best way to get our archived programs to work on an actual APF Imagination Machine is to first record the .wav file back to a sterio audio tape.

After this is done, just transfer the tape to the IM. Type 'CLOAD' in BASIC. Press PLAY, wait till you hear the header tone, then press 'RETURN' on the keyboard.

Direct from Computer

This method is NOT as reliable as the above method, but it can work and is more convenient.

  1. Get a CD to Tape converter.
  2. Carefuly route the cable along the back channel in the caseing, exiting out the top on the right hand side.
  3. Slide the converter into the APF's tape drive.
  4. Hold the cable right as you close the tape door. There should be a notch in the APF right where the cable is.
  5. Connect the CD end to an audio output of your computer, set volume to about 75%
  6. Now load the .wav file into your favorite audio player.
  7. Type 'CLOAD' on the APF BASIC
  8. Press PLAY on APF.
  9. Start audio on Computer.
  10. When you hear the header tone, press "RETURN' on APF

This sould work for most files. Some may work better if you hit 'RETURN' before the header tone. Some may need to let some tone pass then hit return

This doesn't always work. Sometimes you need to re-seat the converter to better laign the heads.