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All files in this section are Audio captures of the APF tape software.

Instructions for loading them onto an actual APF Imagination Machine are here.

See your emulator instructions for loading tapes into an emulator.

Publisher: Comment:
APF Tapes by APF for the Imagination Machine.
Carl_Echols Games and Utilities.
DataComp Professional Games.
David_Donnelly Macro Assembler Editor.
E_Beckett Good Games.
Geo_Grafix Professional Games.
G_Karabin Best Games so far.
G_R_JONES Good Games.
Handy_Dandy_Games Simple Games
Hex_Mart Professional Utilites.
IM-1_Games Simple Games.
IM-1_in-a-Million_Club Various programs from the APF
Imagination Machine Newsletters.
John_Machalas Potential Games.
K. Phillips Huey Calculator & Screen Writer.
Lacroix_Games Simple Games.
Millivision Simple Games With Big Names.
M_Perry Productivity.
MR_Rs Well Done Simple Games.
R_A_Rodriguez Sound.
R_Eisman Simple Games.
Rief_Games Simple Games.
R_K_Kretschmer Simple Games.
R_T_Carman Simple Games.
York_10_Computerware Not great Games.