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APF MP1000 & Imagination Machine

Data Sheets:

6800 CPU (AKA MPU)
VDG Video Display Adapter
PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter

CPU Programming References

Motorola Reference

6800 Applications Programming Manual

Other information available

6800 Instruction sheet as Text
Basic Microprocessors and the 6800 Buy a Copy here.
How to Program and Interface the 6800 Buy a Copy here.
[6800] Microprocessors - Book 1 and 2 (Heathkit)
The 6800 Microprocessor (Link removed by request of Author.)     Buy a Copy here.
6800 Assembly Language Programming Buy a Copy here.

Cross Assemblers


System Programming References

APF Technical Reference Manual.
APF Technical Reference Manual.(Improved!)
APF BASIC Tutor PDF large.
Info by Enrique Collado.
VDG Colours.
VDG Tricks.

MP1000 & Imagination Machine

Memory Map
Commented APF BIOS by Adam Trionfo

Home Brew Projects

Trash-Truck2 Hacked BIOS by Ward Shrake
Columns by Enrique Collado Needs extra RAM. Only works on emulators or IM.
Character Dump by Adam Trionfo Displays the characters available in three layouts.
Move Block by Adam Trionfo Programming test. Moves block on screen with joystick.